6 Features On The New Hausa Audio Bible App Android

6 Features On The New Hausa Audio Bible App Android

The Hausa Audio Bible app is presently available on the Google play store for all android devices, which means you can download the app onto your phone or tablet. With this app you get to listen to the bible read to you in Hausa. So you do not have to worry about not keeping up with your daily Bible studies anymore. With the Hausa Audio Bible app, you can listen to the bible on the go.

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The new Hausa Audio Bible is designed to be easy to use and simple to navigate. We bring you all the features present on the Yoruba Audio Bible App and the Pidgin Audio Bible App. However, the Hausa Audio Bible app comes in its own unique theme. The orange look on the Hausa App differs completely from the usual maroon style of the Pidgin and Yoruba audio Bible apps. To let you quickly understand how this new Hausa Bible app works, we have put together an overview of the various features of the app:


1. Includes All Bible Books

The Hausa Bible App includes all the books in the bible, both the Old and New Testaments. It’s the very first app of its kind. You can listen to the word of God in the old testament and learn the wonderful stories of David, a shepherd who became king, or Elijah the prophet who called down fire from heaven.

2. Easy Navigation

The Bible app menu navigation lets you get anywhere on the app without having to look too hard. You can find everything you need on the sidebar menu including support and download audio where you will find the books you have already downloaded.


3. Clear Audio and Text

The Hausa Audio Bible app has both text and audio. The Hausa app has texts in both English and Hausa. On the app, you can increase the text size to whatever works best for you. The app also contains an audio feature. With the audio feature, you can listen to the bible in the Hausa language anywhere.


4. Highlight and Bookmark

The highlight and bookmark feature is a very helpful tool. With the highlight feature, you can highlight bible texts you love and want to remember. With a bookmark, you can save your important chapters in the bible which you can go back to anytime.


5. Enjoy Offline

You get access to already downloaded bible audio anywhere and anytime. There is no limit to the number of chapters you can download and everything is completely free. Bible text in English and Hausa are always accessible offline and online.

Offline mode

6. Includes Dark Mode

The Hausa Audio Bible app lets you switch your phone to dark mode. The dark mode feature allows you to read the bible with little light so you don’t disturb other people with the lights from your phone. It helps reduce eye strain and also saves on phone battery.

Dark Mode

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