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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app free?

It is free on Android devices and costs a one payment of 4.99$ on IOS (1800 Naira).

Storage of Audio Bible on external storage

Due to security concerns and copyright protection, we are not able to disassociate the audio from the app itself and thus it cannot be stored in the external storage. We are looking forward to improvement plans in the future whereby users will be able to store the audio on external storage devices.

Does the app use internet

    • You can read the bible text in English and Yoruba offline, whenever you want.
    • To listen to the audio recording, you need a stable internet connection.
    • You can download the audio using the internet. But once it is downloaded, you do not need the internet to play it. Enjoy!

Is there any English Audio

No, Unfortunately, there’s no English Audio.

Difficulty downloading audio

    • You might want to check your internet connection to make sure it is secure.
    • Make sure there’s space available on your phone storage device.
    • Make sure the app is at its latest version.
    • Make sure your Android OS is at its latest version

Slow response of app (freezing of app)

    • Make sure your OS is at its latest version.
    • Make sure your app is at its latest version.

What will happen if I redownload the app?

    • If you delete the app, all your downloads (including Audio) is gone. 
    • But if you merely update the app, you will keep all your stored data. 
    • It is strongly recommended you update the app frequently.

Can the app fast-forward and rewind?

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of technology at the present moment, a verse-by-verse rewind and fast-forward feature are unable to be implemented in the app at the present moment but we are working on this feature for future implementation.

Can I search for words and bookmark chapters?

As things stand currently, you cannot, but we are working on these futures for release sometime in the future.

How can I support Dabible foundation?

    • We are a non-profit organization that survives on donations from dedicated users such as yourself. You can support us by donating through the app.
    • We also need you to help raise awareness of our efforts. Tell your friends and family about our app and make sure to leave us a 5-star rating as that is what helps our non-profit grow and reach more people with the word of God.
    • You can try out our new App, the Pidgin Audio Bible, or recommend it to anyone you know looking to get the word of God in Pidgin.

Quick Support

We will like to hear from you. Our team is always available to respond to your email almost immediately. We accept all type of questions such as:

  • App Issues
  • Improvement ideas
  • Report a Bug
  • Donation
  • Other types of questions.

You can also send your questions to

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