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Bible In Nigerian Pidgin Language
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Solar Audio Bible

First and ONLY Old & New Testament Bible in Hausa language available on Android devices. Inspired by God, transcribed and recorded in Jos, Nigeria.


Elderly Friendly Solar Audio Bible Device

We have developed a solar audio bible device that we will be providing to our elderly people FOR FREE. Below are some sample images of the product and we already have a partnership agreement with our Chinese sister company to produce this amazing device. We hope to have these devices ready and available for our elderly as soon as possible.


Features of the Device

Ready To Donate?

Our Plan

Free At No Cost

We understand that our elderly people living in the village cannot afford this solar audio bible device, and they have no way of coming online to purchase it. Therefore, we are giving it to them for FREE.


Remote Delivery Through Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship

We are sending our own network of campus ministries, Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship who goes on #RuralRugged, and remote evangelism ministries to deliver our devices to them in the villages.


The Forgotten Generation

A heavy burden rests on our hearts for the elderly who reside in remote villages that do not have access to the gospel of Christ. Many of them live alone for various reasons such as; their children have relocated to bigger cities in pursuit of education and/or economic opportunities. Some are at such an old age, that they’re unable to walk to church meetings that might be available (some are unable to attend the churches available because of age-related diseases or poor health conditions or distance from these churches). Many of them cannot read or write, thus, cannot operate a mobile app. So, they are at a great disadvantage in having access to the gospel of Christ.

Many of these elders were raised in the era of idol worshipping, and they pray with incantations and African proverbs. Some are labeled as witches and wizards. These people are dying on a daily basis without knowing the love of Jesus and believing in His saving grace. Where do they end up in eternity? This is why we are providing a solar audio bible device that is elderly friendly for them.


Ready To Donate?

Channel Of Distribution

Our own team of remote evangelists and other NGOs like


If you belong to any category of this evangelism organization, please contact us for a free supply of these devices for distribution to the elderly in your area of reach.

There are requirements, and distribution reporting included in our Memorandum of Understanding that must be reported back to our organization for transparency and accountability to our donors.


How God Called Us

To be a respite to this generation, God called us to put his word into the Hands and Hearts of people. This is our part in fulfilling the Kingdom mandate of Matt 28:19-20. Or paraphrase and include here…

God made this vision clear to us through infallible witnesses of His burden for this abandoned generation. The Holy Spirit spoke to us through two scriptures…


“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”
Philippians 2:13 KJV


Delivery Notification to Donors

We have a web portal where donors can check donation history. Also, after our evangelism team delivers your sponsored solar audio bible device, we will send you an email with the name, picture (if possible), video (if possible) of the final recipient.

For example: Dear Mrs Aremu, Congratulations, we have finally delivered 2 devices in your name to our beloved elderly people.

Mrs Abeke OnirekeAjibogun Village, Oyo State, NGURLNA
Mrs Sule OrokuOroku Village, Oyo State, NGURLNA


Ready To Donate?

Cost of Procurement

Mold Cost:                             $6870

Minimum Bulk Order:         2000 units

** Mold fee can be refunded if order above 20,000 units is placed within 2 years.

 Audio Bible
Audio Bible +
Flash Light
Audio Bible +
Flash Light + Radio
Unit Cost$11.50$12.50$12.50
2000 Units$23,00025,00025,000
Est Shipping$3,365 (Devices are shipped directly to Lagos, Nigeria)


Terms of Agreement with Manufacturing Company., Ltd.

  • DaBible Foundation must pay 50% of the mold fee upfront. $3,435
  • The sample mold will be shipped after production for testing and iteration. FREE
  • Once test and approve final mold, we must pay the remaining 50% $3,435
  • We must pay a 30% deposit for bulk order (min 2000 units) $7,500
  • We must pay a 70% balance before shipment. $17,500

NOTE: Shenzhen ALSO can deliver in batches, but we must pay for the total amount of each batch before they ship out, e.g we can pay for 1000 units now, then the remaining 1000units after a few weeks to ship them.


A message from one of our leaders, Sanmi Ayotunde.

Gideons Bible

I remember as student in Junior High School, we had some people deliver many Gideon bible to my school for free. I was not present at the assembly when they were giving away the bibles to the students. I came late to school on that day. When I arrived, an older student—who was like an older brother to me—informed me that they were giving free bibles and insisted I get a bible.  I ran off quickly to get mine and I managed to get one of the copies they left behind. I read that Gideon bible seriously then. While I did not receive salvation then, that incident changed my life. The older student that told me to go get a bible then was deaf and dumb. He actually didn’t even hear what was said at the assembly. He only knew that the bible was important for my life, and I had to get a copy. He did everything he could to communicate this to me. And for me that day getting that bible was a must. I saw just how much effort my brother put to tell me about them. I was touched by this that I decided to read this bible seriously.

Now, when I remember this incident, I am still amazed. Surprisingly, my deaf and dumb brother was the one that led me to read my very first bible. Wow! No wonder the bible says, ‘how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’. Some people somewhere paid for those bibles that were shared at the school that day. Some people chose to bring those bibles to our school that day. And my older brother who is deaf and dumb chose to pass this news to me. I got the bible free of charge, but countless people contributed to me getting this bible. Now, we have the opportunity to do the same. We need funds for making this audio devices. We need people to go into remote villages and distribute these devices to the elderlies. Will you be the ones to help proclaim the gospel?”

There you have it. We have to raise funds to support this project. These devices are going to be produced so we need committed people that will continue to support the production of this this device. We also need to find a proper distribution channel. People that will go on to distribute these devices in remote villages. This is the burden placed in our hearts and we pray for its fulfilment in Jesus name.


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