Welcome to Yoruba Audio Bible

Welcome to Yoruba Audio Bible

Last Updated: Feb 6th, 2021
Author: Curated by Emmanuel Oni

Many thanks to our listeners and app users for your support. Be kindly informed that this site, Yorubabible.net, your previous website is no longer in use. Instead, welcome to DaBible.com for full audio recordings and readings of the Yoruba bible. DaBible.com is owned and managed by DaBible Foundation. Our goal in DaBible Foundation is to provide clear and audible bible translations in various native languages. We are devoted to bringing you the word of God in the comfort of your homes, on your computers, and on your mobile devices. Our Mobile App has been built to be simple and easy to navigate. DaBible Foundation from its very conception has been led by God’s divine direction and we put him foremost in all we do. All team members are volunteers, who work to provide the best experience we can offer on all our platforms. You can see find out how it all started on the OUR STORY page.

Presently, we have two apps available for downloads, the Yoruba audio bible app you know and love is still available on the Apple store and Google Play store. Our newly released Pidgin audio bible app is also available on the Apple and Google Play stores, Just click this link for more info (https://dabible.com/pidgin). Released in 2020 our pidgin audio bible is our second production of the like. With both old and new testament translated to pidgin, the Pidgin bible is the very first of its kind. You can find both our apps on the apple store and google play store available for both IOS and android downloads for FREE. We have gone on one step further in our mission of providing text and audio transcribed and recorded in familiar African languages. So go on to your apple stores and google stores and get a copy of your very own Pidgin audio bible app. Our apps are developed by Dabible.com to be easy to navigate and we have features for offline downloads. So wherever you are, as long as you have internet access you can download the files to your phone and can then listen to them whenever you want. Easy and convenient.

Similarly, the Yoruba audio bible app, created by DaBible foundation remains available for downloads on apple and android devices. We have been constantly making updates and we have our apps ready for offline mode. Just like with the Pidgin audio bible app, you can download the audio files onto your phone and can listen at your own convenience.

In other news, we are pleased to inform you that we are soon to release a Hausa audio bible too. Visit https://dabible.com/hausa for updates on our release dates to know the when and how you can access this amazing content.

As you may already know, our contents are all FREE. We are dedicated to our mission of getting the word of God across to people in their own tongue. Lastly, we are expressly grateful to our donors for their support, the almighty God will continue to bless the works of your hand.

On this note, let me be the first to welcome you to our new and ever-improving DaBible.com

Developer & Team Member at DaBible Foundation. I am just one of the many that are actively working on this project to improve quality and usability.


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