Have you ever read or listened to the Bible in the Pidgin language? Honestly, think about it. Won’t that be rather interesting? Imagine listening to your favorite bible stories and passages in the Pidgin language!

Calm down if you have fallen asleep trying to listen to the KJV audio bible or did not understand what you just heard. This new app will keep you in suspense and take you on time travel into exciting stories in the bible.

Have you ever struggled to understand what the Bible says because of too much big grammar? Do you want a simplified bible that you can read quickly, at any time, and it can even read itself to you using language wey no go burst your head (i.e. confusing you)?

Then this app is what you need!

Everything you read or hear is understood by converting it to a thinking language/mother tongue. This is why it is hard for many people to read the KJV Bible; it is written in a language that is not anybody’s native tongue.

The concept above is part of what inspired the DaBible Foundation to interpret the Bible into native languages. The foundation’s first project was to make a free Yoruba bible app that has audio and text. The Yoruba bible app has been completed and has since been released in March 2016.  

We at DaBible Foundation ultimately found out a large portion of Nigeria and some parts of Africa speak Pidgin English but don’t have access to the Bible in pidgin. Many of them are literate in Pidgin but illiterate in English. We then made the first complete Pidgin bible app with audio and text features. This app is now on both Google Play Store and iOS store for free download.

With this app, Pidgin speakers finally have the bible brought to them in their mother tongue. If you speak Pidgin, Broda, and Sista, wetin una dey wait for? Download am sharply!  

Looking forward, we aim to get the Hausa bible app with audio and text features to you soon. We also need your feedback on any of our projects so you can comment on Google Play or the iOS store or email [email protected].

DaBible foundation also accepts donations as we are a non-profit organization. Your monetary donations will be used to develop our other projects and promote existing ones. For more information, visit www.dabible.com.

Pidgin Audio Bible App now Available on Android and iOS Devices

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