In February, we hosted children from various communities. We studied the story, ‘The Boy Jesus’ and how he spent time in the temple asking questions and learning when other kids were playing. We also looked at other people like Samuel, David, and John, who had different lives from their friends but still made a big impact on their generation.

The Boy Jesus - February 2024 Children Outreach

We believe that children should have a balance in their lives. They should have time to play and have fun, but they also need to pay attention to their spiritual growth. One of the most important things they can do is to believe in Jesus and start following him at a young age. It was amazing to see almost fifty children raising their hands to say yes to Jesus.

During our time together, we did many things. The children created beautiful art paintings, which they were asked to put on their walls to remind them of how amazing God is. We also had times of singing and teaching, where we talked about ‘The Boy Jesus.’ We watched a movie about St. Patrick’s and enjoyed some food together.

Moreover, the children will have the opportunity to be part of a music album project we are currently working on. In the coming month, we plan to take them to a recording studio to record some songs, and we are already working on the soundtrack. Our goal is to use our music to reach out to the world, especially young people who spend a lot of time on the Internet.

Next month, we have an exciting event planned called SEED. We believe that every child is like a seed, with incredible potential to grow and become great. Just like a seed needs the right conditions to flourish, children also need a nurturing environment to thrive. We want to help them avoid anything that could hinder their growth. (Luke 2:53)

The Seed - March 2024 Children Outreach

Finally, we cannot thank you enough for praying and supporting the mission work with your finances. I pray we will continue to make God proud and every soul that crosses our path on the field will not remain the same but be a blessing to the world. Let’s keep the fire burning.

Thank you!

Gamaliel Emmanuel

This event was featured in our Monthly Report for February 2024.

Picture Gallery from the Event

The Boy Jesus – February 2024 Children Outreach in Southern Kaduna

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