The call to preach the gospel is one great mission many have answered in numerous ways, even at the cost of their lives. But alas, it is a mission they are excited to embark upon despite the costs just because of one thought “I want others to hear about Jesus”, having the salvation. Knowing that their every effort brings others closer to a life in eternal joy, a life of wondrous grace and mercy, fuels them to keep going despite the numerous danger along the way.

The magnitude of these sacrifices was once again seen in the outreach held in the Tsonjei, Zunuruk and Adan communities of Kaduna state. Bearing witness of God’s immense presence over those who chose to do his work, the outreach was a monumental event that exposed the beauty of a child’s praise.

It was a time of heartfelt worship, sacrifice and fellowship. Children, being the sole target of the program were not only participants but were also active contributors to the success of the program. From traveling for the outreach, to praying and preparing for the outreach for several weeks to even gathering personal gifts like clothes for their fellow children, it was a delight to see these children readily commit their services to God’s work and come to the knowledge that they are not the young to be feathered-off in the course of the mission of evangelism.

Understanding that we were going into war torn regions and conflict-ridden zones, there was an element of fear and trepidation. However, we conquered the fear with God’s assurances through prayer and laid waste to the devil’s strategies.

The program kicked off fully on the 26th May, 2023 and it was an outreach like no other. Over 400 hundred kids within the age range of 2-17 years were in attendance and had the opportunity to receive the good news of God, had fun in fellowship with one another and also surrender their lives to God. They learnt new songs and this fueled their enthusiasm to once again show up in their massive numbers for the live worship session that was to be held the second day, regardless of the fact that it was bit far from their communities.

The biggest highlights of the program was how beautiful the children were in their utmost devotion and praise to God. It was a marveling sight to behold and one that showed God’s love and presence in the hearts of children regardless of where they’re from and his desire to have them be a part of his kingdom.

The program would not have been successful without the contribution of people like Amos Churchill – pioneer of Fish and Anchor Rock band , Selah Ogaba – pioneer of the paradox music group ,Yakubu Aruwa and great Psalmist song writer and radio presenter, Loiuse Epikazo a fast-rising Gospel singer and the pioneer of one of the biggest worship gatherings in Southern Kaduna called JFE (Jesus For Everybody), Blessing Daniels the pioneer of Revealing Love and other professionals and volunteers.

We give all Glory to God for the successful and safe completion of the program, for the impartation to the children and also gifts; like educational materials, shoes, bags, cloths slippers, detergent, body cream, other refreshments etc. What an experience it was to see children express themselves in greater worship. We look forward to having many more outreaches like this in the future and leading many more children to Christ.


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