Shalom Listeners. We are in May and almost halfway through the year already. This month, DaBible Foundation moved a step forward in its goal to have the translations of the Bible in our native languages appear on as many platforms worldwide. It is our pleasure to announce the arrival of the Hausa Bible on EasyWorship.

Two months ago, we announced the release of the Yoruba Bible on EasyWorship. A month ago, we announced the release of the Pidgin Bible on EasyWorship. We are elated that the Hausa Bible has its place on EasyWorship too. Wow! Isn’t this exciting news? Isn’t this wonderful news? Just like last time, I will share another tidbit of news with you at the end of this post.

This should be exciting news for Media crews and engineers in Churches around the world. The option to use Hausa Bible is now available and is easy to use. If you want to learn how to access the Hausa Bible on EasyWorship, there is a short tutorial at the bottom of the blog. The tutorial should assist you in getting your Church computer equipped with the Hausa Bible. Now to the bit of news. 

The News!

The spoiler. We now have the Yoruba Audio Bible on Spotify podcast. We upload files daily and request that you bear with us as we keep working on them. You can check out the Yoruba Audio Bible on Spotify podcast by clicking the link. We will make official announcements when we have finished the release on Spotify Podcast. 

That is all the news we have for you in this blog post. If you haven’t subscribed to our email list, please make sure you subscribe. We have amazing surprises for our subscribers.

Tutorial: How to Get the Hausa KJV on your EasyWorship?

Step One: Find the Hausa KJV on EasyWorship

On your EasyWorship, start up the software and find the Scripture tab (It is on the left side of your EasyWorship view).

Click the Scripture tab. Below the Scripture tab, you will find a list of pre-installed bible versions. Click the “More Available…” option.

Choose More Available on the list

Once you click this tab, a list of bible versions will pop up on the right side of your screen. Scroll down this list until you find Hausa KJV.

Select KJV

Step Two: Install the Hausa Bible on EasyWorship

On the line that reads Hausa KJV, there is a button that says FREE; click it. The Hausa Bible would begin downloading and would be installed shortly.

Downloading Bible

**Hausa KJV Downloading onto EasyWorship**

Check visible mark for Hausa

**Hausa KJV installed on EasyWorship**

Step Three: Present the Hausa KJV on EasyWorship

On the Scripture tab, you will now see “HAU.” This is the short-hand for the Nigerian Hausa Bible, click on it, and you should be able to view the Hausa Bible on Easy worship.

Now you can use the HAU

I hope after this short tutorial, you are able to use the Hausa Bible version available on EasyWorship.

Hausa Bible is available on EasyWorship

Stay In Touch.

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