Yoruba audio bible iOS app is the 1st and only app in Yoruba language to include both old and new testament. This project was started in 2016 and lunched in 2017. The iOS app is however not free because the apple app costs us more maintenance that we cannot avoid for now. We will soon make it totally free by God’s grace.

Features of the iOS Version

  • No internet required
  • Listen to downloaded audio chapters
  • ATOKA yoruba bible version
  • Switch between Yoruba and English language
  • Proper punctuation and correct audio pronunciation
  • Share bible verses on social media.
  • Drama interactive
  • Increase or reduce font size to desired sight level
  • One-click to download bible chapters

Download on Google Play

Once you download the app, make sure you quickly download some audio so that you will not need any internet to listen to the audio in future.

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