Server Down!! “Audio Not Working” Issue Resolved

Server Down!! “Audio Not Working” Issue Resolved

We are happy to announce new updates! Last week, we had many users email us about the bible app “audio not working” on their various devices. We tackled this issue immediately and found a solution.

FIXED ERROR!! New Updates Available

The error was a result of our host server crashing. You see, all our audio bible files have to be hosted on a server. The platform that hosted our audio files was Wasabi. Before Wasabi, we paid $400 for hosting on AWS cloud storage. The cost was quite exorbitant and we couldn’t sustain it, therefore, we looked for alternatives.

In our search we found Wasabi to be a worthy replacement. It was cheaper and met our needs. There was only one issue, it could not sustain a massive number of downloads. We have been using Wasabi to host all our audio files until recently. The reason the audio files were not working is that Wasabi “banned” us. They reported that we have had a massive number of downloads and they would stop hosting our files.

New UpdateFortunately, we have found another platform to host our audio files and the problem has been resolved. You can now access our audio bible recordings once again. To do so, download our latest update of the Yoruba Audio bible app and Hausa Audio Bible App on Google Play. The iOS updates for the Yoruba Audio Bible app and Hausa Audio Bible app will be available on August 11th, 2021. The Pidgin Bible App update will also be available. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can also check out or share the new Hausa Audio Bible app. Thank you all for your continued support.

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