Your Recent Questions about Yoruba Audio Bible

Your Recent Questions about Yoruba Audio Bible

Thank you for your unlimited support to us at, we are very happy that you are enjoying our ANDROID VERSION of Yoruba Audio Bible. We are pleased to inform you that we are working hard to release our iPhone, Blackberry and Windows version soon while we keep improving on this android version.

We still want your feedback in form of review on our app store page so that other people who are yet to know about the app can get to download it. We all can contribute our quota to the expansion of the gospel by providing the bible to every home, if we can do the coding of the code, you can help us provide review which is our own online evangelism. The more quality reviews we get, the more we get ranked on google play and the more lives you can bless.

To leave your review, please click the button below, You are such a blessing and we love you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I Purchased the former PAID VERSION of This App, but its asking me to pay again: Thank you very much, this happened because God strengthen us so fast as we never imagined we could convert from a PAIDAPP to FREE app within weeks of release, we taught it would take us several months. Unfortunately, the play store does not allow us to convert our former users into this new Free version users. But WE HAVE A SOLUTION, please send us the ORDER NUMBER of the PAID app you purchased. We have decided to refund everyone who purchased the former PAID App version. Once we receive your order number which is on your former reciept, you will receive your refund immediately… ONLY FOR ORDERS BEFORE November 30, 2015
  • My Card was Not Accepted: Kindly bear with us, we are still looking for a more better solution into this, some Nigerian bank cards were not allowed to make payments online, its your bank’s little problem but we noticed that banks like GTB were able to make the transactions. We are still working on this.
  • Why Is This App Not Completely FREE: We are working at our best to make it completely free, we know that very soon in the future, we would have all the resources to operate our cloud server, developers and other upcoming features completely free without selling any IN APP VERSION. Right now, we just have to include an IN APP PURCHASE to empower us in fulfilling every other obligations we still need to do such as other app versions, free Yoruba Bible Software for churches, Charity and Donations to the needy in our community and many more as the Lord leads.

Developer & Team Member at DaBible Foundation. I am just one of the many that are actively working on this project to improve quality and usability.


  • I cannot get Audio from the IPad App. Why are you charging for it if it is still under Development? Isn’t that ludicrous?

    Bunmi Reply
    • On iPad, nothing is wrong with the app, kindly remove your app from Silence on Vibration. We have got some calls with this same issue, and 99% of the time, the ipad is always on vibration or silence moe (big smile!)

      Sanmi Ajanaku Reply
    • Hello Bunmi, upgrade your app to the latest version. The sound is working.

      Sanmi Ajanaku Reply
  • Please look into the Matthew folder, the book of exodus is replacing Matthew. Please do something about it. Thank you

    Nikes Reply
    • Hello Nike,

      You need to upgrade your mobile app to our latest version. We have already fixed this problem and you must be using our old bible version. I think you are referring to our iPhone version. I will send you an email to this effect right now. Delete the version on your phone and download the app again.

      Sanmi Ayotunde
      Team Leader
      Yoruba Audio Bible

      Sanmi Ajanaku Reply
  • Thank you greatly for the audio Yoruba bible.

    Fadeke Coker Reply
  • On the READ ONLINE version, you seem to have missed out The book of Proverbs “Owe”. It is okay on the App though; thanks for fixing that. BTW this is the single most comprehensive source of the Yoruba Bible on line, so well done for keeping it going.

    BUNMI Reply

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