Become a Partner

We are a group of individuals help by God to provide these digital bibles to our society. If you are compelled to become a partner with us, your support can enable us to translate into more languages, and other digital formats.

Why Become a Partner?

App Development

Continuous development and improvement to our existing mobile applications.

Other Languages

Translation, transcription, and recording of the bible into other Nigerian languages.

Solar Device

Procurement of solar audio bible devices for the elderlies in our remote villages.

Kerygma Foundation, doing business as DaBible Foundation is a registered 501 C(3) corporation, incorporated both in the United States of America and Nigeria. We accept sponsorship of bible materials, grants, and funding of our projects, especially for our missionaries in remote places in Nigeria, and our solar audio bible device.

You can become our partner by donating monthly, annually, or any frequency of your preferred choice.  We will always provide you a report of our activities quarterly to inform you about what we do with your trusted donations to us.

Become a Partner for Tax Deductible Donations

All your donations to our organization are tax-deductible with the IRS of the United States of America. To access your annual tax statement as a partner or donor. Login to your members account, donation history, and you will be able to print out a PDF copy of your annual statement.